Sanford Denton will forever be a socially inept loser. Always the target of bullies and approaching his 40th birthday, his only girlfriend of 3 years gives him the boot. Stuck in a dead-end job, no ambition, and on the edge of a breakdown… he begs his last living relative, Uncle Alistair, to take him in. Alistair keeps to himself and and is not very fond of his sheepish nephew. But, due to failing health, he accepts Sanford into his home… hoping to enlist him to take on the “family business” when he passes away. The “family business” is staving off a pack of ravenous ghouls that dwell in the thick woods surrounding the estate, and they crave human flesh. When Uncle Alistair passes away, Sanford is now in charge of the grisly task. However, Sanford decides to “train” the devilish creatures to do his bidding… exacting vengeance on those that have humiliated time and time again. When demons are hungry for blood… They Must Eat!