"The Genius of Beauty" is unlike any other comedy you may have seen - at least not coming out of Singapore. It's not your regular heartwarming, sweet romantic comedy, it's not a vulgar sexually implicit flick, it's a fresh, refreshing, new take on on-screen humor. Visually, however, it is sexy - beautifully shot and with an excellent soundtrack to match, it's a meal for the senses. The story revolves around a zany, over-the-top German character, simply known as "The Doc" (Bill Gentry) to some, Dr Slice and Dice to others, or as he likes to call himself, "The Genius of Beauty". Having come from a dysfunctional family, with his dreams of being an artist slashed by his over-bearing mother, the Doc decides to become a plastic surgeon. Whilst his intentions are for the best, his results are a serious mix of hits and misses.

Having been approached to perform a, um, "tool-enhancing" procedure on a very influential client, requesting to be fitted with anatomical parts from a horse, the Doc adamantly refuses. However, being the ladies' man that he is, he doesn't refuse his client's wife's advances. He loses his license to practice and heads to the Far East with his trusted Assistant, Theodore (Rob Jenkin).

Having set up his base in Borneo , the Doc and Theodore slowly build up a steady list of clients, and his reputation has also started to spread all around the region. However, he is also being pursued by the authorities, a one Inspector Baggins (Daniel Jenkins), who has somehow made it a personal vendetta of his to ensure that the Doc does not practice, after he performed a botched operation on his sister.

With that, the medical Duo decide to take their craft to Mumbai, after receiving a letter from a wealthy woman, Lakshmi Fokatchand (Supriya Shukla) trying to get her daughter, Tee Tee (Vishakha Singh) to win beauty pageants. With that, a mad cat-and-mouse game ensues, as the Doc embarks on beautifying the women in Mumbai, whilst escaping the persistent Inspector Baggins, and a new pursuer in Sasha (Sunila Karambelekar), another ambitious pageant mum, intent in making her own daughter, Devika (Monica Singh) win - and has no qualms of doing anything to make that happen.

"The Genius of Beauty" is a story which typically may seem like it's emphasizing on the old adages that 'Beauty may be only skin deep", or that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but it's actually not. In fact, if s about looking at the lighter side of things, and not taking oneself too seriously. "The Genius of Beauty" is a fun, roller-coaster ride that you simply must take.