Dominic is on the run from the recession. When he lands in Los Angeles, he meets a man who’s willing to put a million dollars in Dominic’s hands — All Dom has to do is kill the man’s wife. Lucky for both of them, Dominic is up to the task. What he didn’t count on was how easily the wife would play into his hands. What he never imagined was that she’d stick around long after the job was done.

Back on the run and hearing voices, Dom does what anyone with a stack of cash and a bad need to disappear would do: he heads to Mexico. Then things get worse.

Somewhere between William Friedkin and Alfred Hitchcock, this post-noir thriller captures the bad influence of quick money in the early 2000s, where the streets of L. A. only allow the Survival of the Fittest.

Staring: Chadwick Palmater, Bethany Anderson, & Eric Stayberg.