When All Else Is Lost, Will a Suicide Party Help?

A Hilarious Dark Comedy .

Dave was a manager at a Las Vegas investment firm with a beautiful wife, nice house, and good life. When his company downsized, he lost everything: his money, home, wife, and car. But when Dave is about to commit suicide, his friend, Steve, a sometimes entrepreneur, persuades him to use crowdfunding to raise the money to save his house and get back on his feet.  Otherwise, he’ll kill himself at the final event — the Suicide Party. After Steve introduces Dave to Gidget, a social media guru, the campaign goes viral and Dave and his friends become local celebrities.  But as the party deadline approaches, Dave is nowhere near raising the money, but has found a new reason to live due to the campaign’s excitement and his friends’ support.  So he becomes more and more panicky.  What will Dave do?  Will the party go forward?  Will he kill himself?  Or something else? SUICIDE PARTY # SAVE DAVE tells the story of what happened.

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