Silo Killer 1 – A group of college kids decide to spend their weekend camping in the Arizona desert.  They have all the supplies they need and are fully prepared to rough it in the barren plains.  The one thing they didn’t prepare for was a mad dog killer who plans on killing them one by one and stacking their dead carcasses into an abandoned grain silo.  Everyone that sets foot in the desert that weekend seems to meet a bloody fate as even the sheriff and a couple of organized crime’s finest henchmen are no match for the psychotic butcher.  The standard question of “who” & “why” seem to be irrelevant as the answers remain a mystery and the body count increases.


Silo Killer 2  – The Wrath of Kyle – Not to be undone, from the makers of Silo Killer comes Silo Killer II: The Wrath of Kyle! After escaping from the state penitentiary, the Silo Killer teams up with the dastardly Convict and the body count doubles.  This time, the Silo Killer is hunted down by the brother of one of his original victims, a bounty hunter, Kyle and his sidekick The White Knight Ninja Of Sorts.  Waging a war across the Arizona desert, Kyle, The Ninja and a clusterf***k of other ridiculous characters must not only stop the Silo Killer and The Convict, but keep themselves alive during a plague of zombies.  And if they make it through that, there is always the Devil to contend with!