SUPERSEVEN! ….Adventurer, scientist, crime fighter, hero, lover, Nobel Prize winner, world class athlete, grommet chef, movie star, recording star, bon vivant & the world’s greatest masked super spy!

Superseven is an international man of mystery, and the top agent for T.H.E.M. (A secret organization for good), sworn to battle the world wide forces of evil (led by the sinister organization T.H.E.Y.). Supersaver’s code name is DANGER! His passport stamped…to hell!

“The Call Me Superseven” is an action, comedy, spy adventure which follows the exploits for eh masked crimson avenger and his beautiful, lethal and reluctant partner and ex-wife, Sandra West ( loose cannon, and a former agent of T.H.E.M.), as well as Sparky, his brilliant engineer and inventor who not so secretly carries a torch for the masked super spy. Join them as they battle villains, femme fatales, posters, giant robots and invading aliens, as well as henchmen, assassins and criminal masterminds bent on world domination and destruction! A comedy with a body count!

“They Call Me Superseven” is an action packed, tongue in cheek homage to those swinging spy films, TV shows and masked hero adventures of the 60s and 70s.

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