Have you ever believed it was a certain day, only to find out it wasn’t? Alexandra Meyers seems to be an everyday, normal girl, but she has one common ailment. She suffers from nightmares. If it weren’t for that, live would be pretty good for her and her boyfriend. Being diagnosed as a neurotic with mild schizophrenia, life can be challenging for Alexandra. If it weren’t for her constant checks on reality, she would lose her grasp on reality entirely.

One day, that’s exactly what happens. Alexandra wakes to find out that her best friend of 10 years has been murdered. The detectives assigned to the investigation are convices this schizophrenic ‘nut job’ is the killer, but, unable to find any evidence to support their theory, they are forced to let her go.

Alexandra begins to feel that she’s being followed, but are they illusions, or real? Is this man her friend’s killer, or a figment of her imagination? As more of her friends are murdered, she hopes to wake up from this horrible nightmare.
With the police haunting her every move, she has to deal with her apparition, convince everyone that she’s not crazy, and prove her innocence to the one person she loves the most.