A terrible curse becomes the center of a young girl’s life, sending those around her into the damnation known as Everto.

Skylar Winters has a strange nightmare that she can’t stop thinking about. She tries to go through the motions of her day as normal, but something doesn’t feel right. A curse is interfering with Skylar’s life, and being witness to her friend’s murder is only the beginning of its destruction. The doors won’t open to let her out, so she waits in shock by the front door until police arrive. Now a suspect, Skylar attempts to convince her friends of the mysterious figure she saw, but her words don’t carry much weight. Her sister Molly feels concerned for her, and her boyfriend Hayden is in disarray. Skylar makes a relentless effort to understand who the killer is, all while those around her are picked off one by one, with nothing she can do to stop it. Jack Straw, she learns, simply vanished many years ago, and is back through the curse. Skylar is forced to lose hope as Everto proves to ruin and destroy her in any way that it can.