Six intertwining stories set in New York and Los Angeles that all center around characters who are dealing with their personal demons, and trying to keep their dark passengers at bay. Leigh finds herself in the middle of a sexual game of cat and mouse between a young seductress and the man she is stalking. Mary is a serial killer who has lost the connection that she used to feel to her victims, until she becomes the target of somebody else's disturbing behavior.  two women plant to murder their mutual lover - for one woman, he is the love of her life; for the other women, he is her husband.  Elle's nightmares become reality when she runs into the man who has been torturing her in her dreams. Kevin needs more life experience if he wants to become a successful writer, but never planned on finding his muse in the form of a vicious hit man.  Sylvia wants to find true love, but only ends up hurting every man she meets, until the night she takes home a man who happens to be a serial killer targeting lonely women.