Charlie is a young boy living in Shanghai, China. His Father, Sam Li, has gone to America to start a new restaurant business in Chinatown, near Hollywood, California, leaving Charlie in the care of his Aunt back in China. Sam soon sends for Charlie to join him in California. Just before Christmas, Sam loses his restaurant in a devious plot by an evil banker, Oliver Bates. In order to save his Dad’s restaurant, Charlie must go on a quest ordered by Santa Claus, and he must restore the Christmas spirit in three people. Bart, Charlie’s mysterious Uncle, agrees to help Charlie on his quest. Charlie and Bart are joined by one of Santa’s Elves, Eric, and together they embark on thiswonderful adventure. This heart warming film for the entire family will certainly restore the Christmas spirit in you as you follow them on this exciting journey to “Christmas in Hollywood”!

Starring Jiang Zi Long, Bertie Higgins and Darren Dowler.