Eight strangers are invited to spend two days at a secluded house. At the end of the two days everyone will receive one million dollars . But there is a twist. They are left with weapons, and told that if they kill each other off, the survivors will split a bigger share of the eight million dollars. They are also told that if anyone should step out of the house at anytime, no one would be paid.


Eight complete strangers are invited to spend two days at a secluded house. After the two days are up, each person will collect a million dollars. However, if they kill each other off, then the survivors will get a bigger share of the money. Writer/director Tom Doganoglu relates the intriguing premise at a steady pace, crafts a considerable amount of claustrophobic tension, puts a noted emphasis on the edgy interaction between the well-drawn characters, maintains a grimly serious tone throughout, and pulls off one doozy of a surprise bummer ending. The acceptable acting by the decent no-name cast keeps everything humming, with especially solid work from Courtney Mackay as spiky loner Amanda, James Nicol as obnoxious and antagonistic foul-mouthed jerk Brad, Gail Tako as cheery, but calculating accountant Susan, Trevor Benham as easygoing smartaleck Mitch, Paul Berlinguette as hapless down-on-his-luck nerd Tony, and Pachel Petrie as the spunky Ashley. Moreover, this picture offers an interesting and provocative meditation on the darker side of human nature, with a strong and upsetting central message on how greed and selfishness brings out the worst in people. Both Kiarash Sadigh’s crisp cinematography and Joseph O’Brien’s moody score are up to speed. Worth a watch.